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Are you ready for a new look? Then let's create!!! Services include a post-color treatment and natural styling. Additional styling is offered on request.

What style are you rockin' next? Your natural curls, some twists/braids, a silky blow out, or locs. Don't forget to add your treatment or reshape to keep your style fabulous!


>It's recommended that you schedule all of your salon visits for the quarter in advance to maintain your hair care routine. Schedule your appointment online by clicking the "service button."

>Come to your appointment prepared with your hair questions and concerns. 

>Have your hair detangled and all twists/braids unloosened before arriving to the salon. If you'd like us to handle this for you, then you'll need to add that onto your service.

>A consistent treatment schedule maintains the perfect foundation for your hair and is always recommended every 3-4 weeks.

>Haircut Reshaping is recommended every 2-6 months depending on the health of your hair and desired style.

Beyond Braids is for you if you want to add some extra length and fullness to your style. All services include hair & scalp detox, a custom protein/moisture treatment, and installation. Braiding hair is also included. We just need to know your desired color.


Send your inspiration pictures to

Are you running on little time and need to maintain the foundational services? We offer quick treatments, haircut reshaping, and braid cleansing.

These services don't include a hair style but will keep you on track with your hair care routine.

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