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"This is where you want to be... 

a place where fabulous meets luxury, and you are the priority!"

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hair care artist   

""My goal as a professional in the beauty industry is to help people in our community with tighly coiled and curly hair to truly embrace what's yours. That journey begins within and I'm here to guide you each step. I offer a variety of styles in order to customize a hair care routine that suites your specific lifestyle." 

_Page Kryst


Meet Page... a true authority in the world of healthy hair. With a passion deeply rooted in the science and art of hair care, Page has dedicated over 16 years to perfecting the craft of nurturing and transforming natural hair into it's most amazing and vibrant state.


Page studies diverse hair textures, and an array of hair care products. She has a unique ability to tailor hair care regimens to individual needs, helping clients achieve their hair goals. 


With Page by your side, you're not just investing in beautiful healthy natural hair; you're embarking on a journey to understand, nurture, and embrace the full potential of your hair and yourself.

"your outer beauty is a mirror to your soul"

instagram :


hair care artist   

“Your Hair is my canvas.  Beautiful hair with Beautiful care”

_Tiffany Irons

I’m Tiffany Irons! Natural Hair stylist, who is no new comer to the beauty atmosphere. She has been styling hair in the Carolinas for over 10 years. Her mission is for every client that leaves her chair to be the absolute beautiful version of themselves.

Tiffany has a passion for the beauty industry. She strives to create strong relationships with her clients, along with putting forth her craft, providing all clean and positive service.

Tiffany’s knowledge and education is the key to her success. Her skills, creativity, and focus on each and every one of her client’s experience. Always striving for healthy hair.

Allow Tiffany to take you on your healthy hair journey. No room for disappointments, see you soon!!!

instagram : @styles__by__tiffany


lash  and  make-up artist   

Indulge in the allure of beauty with Ladii D, where passion meets expertise.  I am your go-to esthetician for a touch of opulence.

Specializing in the art of lash extensions and flawless makeup artistry for over a decade, let’s transform your vision into a masterpiece.

Join me, Ladii D, on a journey where beauty knows no bounds — because you deserve nothing but the best.  Elevate your beauty game, collaborate with me, and let your radiance shine effortlessly.

instagram : @ladiid_inc


PAGE     SALON  :  business info

704. 998. 7192

1109 Beatties Ford Road, suite A

Charlotte, NC 28216 

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